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SPC Card Game News

This page is dedicated to bring you up to date info about the SPC card game news, also to act as an archive to past events.


Dec 1997 - Surgestion Recived - Rebo Valence

29/01/1998 - Project put up for surgestions.

02/02/1998 - Surgestion Recived: Change Windows Standard Solitare Software like the someone did for Sailor Moon. - Rebo Valence

02/02/1998 - Surgestion Recived: A Poker Game...Based on the Episodes in SPC where it's used. - Survechay.

07/02/1998 - Appeal for Card Designs was posted.

10/02/1998 + 12/02/1998 - Recived Surgestions for card...When cards a recived they will posted here.

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