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Below can be found a list of episodes from the English version of Sammuri Pizza Cats. If you have any ideas on what can be put into these levels, please e-mail the team on:

The links from the episode names lead to already surgested content, Please feel free to comment on these.

Episode Number Episode Name
1 Stop Dragon My Cat Around!
2 If You Knew Sushi Like I Know Sushi
3 Underground, Underwater, Undercooked
4 The Great Golden Cluck
5 Let the Cellar Beware!
6 Singing Samurai Sensai-tion
7 The Nuclear Potato
8 Kind of a Drag
9 Double Trouble for Princess Vi
10 Hot and Kold Kitties
11 Candid Kitty
12 The Pizza Cats Are Only Human (Part 1)
13 The Pizza Cats Are Only Human (Part 2)
14 Those Transformin' Felines
15 The Case of the Bogus Billionaire
16 The Big Cheese's I.Q. Corral
17 Field of Screwballs
18 Speedy's Double-Time Trick
19 Samurai Charm School
20 Drummin' Up Trouble With a Big Bad Beat
21 Pizza Bird Delivers!
22 Big Cheese Shows His Filmy Substance
23 Son of Big Cheese
24 Gender Bender Butterflies!
25 Pizza Cat Performance Review
26 Cold and Crabby in Little Tokyo
27 The Terror of Prisoner Island
28 Destructo Robots at Popular Prices
29 No Talent Guido
30 All You Need is Love
31 Polly's Magical Flute
32 Close Encounters of the Pig Kind
33 Big Cheese's High Definition TV
34 Pizza Delivery of Doom!
35 Youth is for Exploding
36 Bad Bird Uncaged (Part 1)
37 Bad Bird Uncaged (Part 2)
38 A Mission in Manhattan
39 Unidentified Flying Oddballs
40 Princess Vi's Hippy-Dippy Mom
41 A Wet & Wild Weekend
42 Kung Fu Kitty Contest
43 Gone With the Ginzu
44 A Little Bit'O Luck
45 Samurai Savings Time
46 Phoney Baloney Cat
47 The Cheese Who Stole Christmas
48 Emperor Fred Does Hard Time
49 Quake, Rattle, & Roll
50 The Big Comet Caper (Part 1)
51 The Big Comet Caper (Part 2)
52 The Cats Cop Cartoon Careers

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