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SPC Fan Software Devlopment Team

Newsletter 1 - 28/01/1998

Welcome to the first newsletter of the SPC Fan Software Development Team. For those of you who don't know, the team was set up back in November 1997. Scince then we been aiming to create software developed by fans for fans.

The aim of this newsletter is to keep people up to speed on whats happing and to deligate jobs. The newsletter is split into sections, each section representing a single project. Each project also has it's own web page keeping you upto date with each project. You can find this and all other newsletters at:

Team's Look.

For those of you who may of looked at the web page - it's dull! But i'm no artist. It needs a major revamp....any offers or surgestions? The team also needs a logo...Again any offers?

SPC game

The game has now moved from the concept to the design stage. The game is based around the English Version of SPC and each episode represents a level, with some bonus level inbetween e.g. Pointless Sisters Concert and The Adventures of the Princess Pilot (Vi's film in Big Cheese Shows his Filmsy Substance)

What needs to be done...We need surgestions for each level. Take a look at the episode list at the website:
pick an episode and write a description of what should happen in the game for this level. Also we need surgestion for a opening title ... the series opening is 5MB as an MPEG and also copyrighted....We need something smaller.

Also we need some pictures from the series for the closing credits.... any format will do (JPEG or GIF prefered). E-mail your surgestions and pictures to me at:

SPC Screen Saver

I have recently acuired the required libary file to create 32-bit Windows screen savers that are Plus! complient. Any surgestions, pictures or ideas please e-mail:

SPC Card Game

I have had a surgestion to develop a game like solitare using SPC pictures for card designs? Programming is verily simple..What about the concept? Comments....e-mail:

SPC Info

A on-line info service to registered fans....Recently we have had a couple of cases of people who whant refrance checks...How about an info service that people can post to and contains searchable scripts.... It will be a large group effort using many free web pages to put together, Comments....e-mail:

New Projects

Have you got any ideas on new projects?...e-mail:

SPC Fan Software Development Team
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