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Welcome to the SPC Fan Software Development Page. This site has been set-up to help you the SPC fan to get the SPC Software you whant and deserve.

This is a new service to you the fans, brought to you by fans. The team is new, but currently has 5 projects on the go at the moment, so why don't you get involved?

Not only is this site a chance to get software, the site is the home page for the SPC Fan Software Development Team. A group of fans from all backgrounds comming to together to create all the software you find here.

The SPC Fan Software Development Team needs you!

Can you write stories, are good at drawing, can you program or do you have a video capture card? We need everbody.

If any of the above applies to you or you think you can be of any help and you would like to join the team, then please e-mail the Project Manager. (The address can be found below).

Current Projects

There are 5 projects that are in the running at this moment in time:

  1. SPC Screen Saver
  2. SPC Video Game
  3. SPC Info Net
  4. SPC Card Game
  5. SPC Team Development

Click on the Links above to take you to a description of each project.
If you have any suggests on any of these please e-mail the project manger


The results of all the teams hard work can be found here.

Team News

All the latest news and archive of newsletters follow the link.

Samurai Savings Time

If you are a true fan, like me, you would follow this link and do something active......

We need SPC back on telly.

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