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This page shows some of the possible controls to be used in the game. Please feel free to comment or new surgestions to: .

Joy-Stick Controls

Control Action
D-pad Move Character / Cursor
Fire #1 Attack / Cancel
Fire #2 Jump / Accept
Fire #3 Special
Fire #4 Pause / Resume

Maxwell Wolfen

Keyboard Controls

Control Action
Space Pause / Resume
F5 Save
F7 Load
F1 Help

Maxwell Wolfen

It has been surgested that the "keyboard isn`t ideal for controlling, just for the above commands." I don't agree with this, so I would like some more surgestions please.

Special Moves

"To be able to use specials, you`d have to build it up by fighting. On weak enemies (2 to 3 hits), it builds all the way up after 10 of them. On the more powerful ones (that take several hits) It`d be 5."

Maxwell Wolfen

Bad Bird Uncaged Fighting Controls

Control Action
Up Jump
Up+Forward/Back Flip Towards / Away
Forward Move Towards
Back Moves Away
Forward, Forward(hold) Quick Dash(run)
Back, Back Turn Around
Down Crouch
Attack Punch
Jump Kick
Special Use Weapon
Pause Block

Maxwell Wolfen

Special Moves:

Super Slash
Down, Forward, Special
High Dive Stab In air: Forward, Down, Forward, Special
Rapid Strike Attack (Multiple times)
Cat Spirit Kick Back, Forward, Down, Jump
Return Fire Back, Forward, Special
(Before fireball hits)
Slashing Spin Back, Forward, Back, Forward, Special

Maxwell Wolfen

Crow Clash
Back, Forward, Special
Kamikaze In air: Forward, Down, Forward, Special
DIE! Attack (Multiple times)
Wark Armor Absorb
(Perform Speedy's attack)
Back, Back, Forward, Special
Flying Claw
Up, Forward, Down, Special

Maxwell Wolfen

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