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This page shows some of the designs we have recived for the game. Please feel free to comment or new surgestions to: .

Episode 1- Stop Dragon My Cat Around!

"Attempt chasing after the dragon while fighting off Ninja Crowes, ending up in a HUGE battle with NCs and then fighting the Dragon, then the Legs."

Maxwell Wolfen

Episode 2- If You Knew Sushi Like I Know Sushi

"Remember in mickey mouse mania and The Lion King they had that 3-D run away thing. Well, you could do the same there (but not like that! Copyrights.) In the end, you have to fight the robot after Wally is retrieved."

Maxwell Wolfen

Episode 3- Underground, Underwater, Undercooked

"Fight of subway creatures while searching around for the passageway into the area with the ninja crowes. After that, of course, they`ll be a large fight, then you have to swim out of the Tunnel/subway area before you drown when Meowzma comes."

Maxwell Wolfen

Episode 4- The Great Golden Cluck

"More of a fun one in the beginning: Scramble around finding lost money to pay for the cards, only to be late. Then, after you find the Cluck to be a fraud, you have to fight it."

Maxwell Wolfen

Episode 5- Let the Cellar Beware!

"Maze and trap time. You get the idea."

Maxwell Wolfen

Episode 6- Singing Samurai Sensai-tion

"Hmm...all I can think of right now is the fight against the robots"

Maxwell Wolfen

Episode 7- The Nuclear Potato

"A long fight against those toy robots until Spritz comes."

Maxwell Wolfen

Episode 8- Kind of a Drag

"Fight ninjs crowes, then press two buttons to a certain beat until you get up the stairs within the alloted time. Everytime you miss the beat, you fall back a few stairs."

Maxwell Wolfen

Episode 9- Double Trouble for Princess Vi

"Of course, the REAL Princess is out walking the streets in a "nifty" disguise while the SPC look for her. Taking the role of Speedy could lead into the theatre, which has a disturbing fight against Bad Bird, and then finding the Princess and heading back to the palace, having to fight Big Burt (which uses all the SPC`s moves of course). "

Maxwell Wolfen

Episode 12 & 13- The Pizza Cats Are Only Human (Parts 1 and 2):

"Long battle against the Rude Noise and then against their robot until it finally malfunctions." - part 1.

"You make start performing several tasks to try and convnice Guru Lou to help you, play a mini-game of cards (for fun, no wins nor losses)"[Cinematic]", then recieve your armor and battle the Sunblock 16 Robot in outerspace" - part 2.

Maxwell Wolfen

Episode 15 - The Case of the Bogus Billionaire

"First- A fight against Ninja Crowes to save the nanny.
Second- Fight against Rude Noise (until realization that the nanny is gone)
Third- a simple race (dodging rocks and jumping over obstacles until finally stopped by the robot which is ultimately destroyed by Speedy).
Fourth- When the nanny is regained, have to dig a tunnel under the stream using Meowzma with button taps and directional control. A map would be able to show your progress."

Maxwell Wolfen

Episode 17 - Field of Screwballs

"A baseball game (Mini-game; must-win). Easiest way to do it would to base the game off the Bases Loaded (Jaleco, NES) engine."

Maxwell Wolfen

Episode 18 - Speedy's Double Time Trick

"As in the episode itself, you would have to go back and forth betweeen Lucille and Polly within certain amount of times. Can get increasingly difficult with lowering times and more obstacles to clear."

Maxwell Wolfen

Episode 20 - Drummin' Up Trouble With a Big Bad Beat

"As BatCat, you start by choosing 8 out of 12 possible ryhmes. 1 being easiest to do, and 12 being the hardest. You must complete at least 80% of the ryhmes you choose with no problem, or you lose. An example: Let`s say this is rhyme 4- "Peter Piper Picked a peck of pickled peppers" The controls to make BatCat say this correctly is : Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right, Attack, Attack, Jump, Special. That combination will be shown in the middle of the screen, and will flash whichever part of the combination you need to press next. You have a limited amount of time to do so, so hurry."

Maxwell Wolfen

Episode 26- Cold and Crabby in Little Tokyo

"Using either Guido or Polly, you`ll be fighting the small, tiny, itsy bitsy mean little robots the larger robot produces until the time comes for Guido wind.. After that with Speedy: Using the infamous button taps, climb to the top of the mountain. Using the buttons too quickly will lower stamina, and may slow you down at some points. If you stop and the scrolling screen below catches up with you, you fall and are delayed five seconds behind Bad Bird. After all that, when needing to lure the bird, use button taps to flap in the sky, and another button to squawk in a certain pattern as a mating call."

Maxwell Wolfen

Episode 27 - The Terror of Prisoner Island

"Dig your way under the sea to the island similar to The Case of the Bogus Billionaire, or use BatCat and fly overseas battling Bad Bird and Ninja Crowes, attempting to sink them. Then, using Speedy, you need to find your way through the jungle to the waterfall area fending against multiple jungle creatures. When in the water, using (what else) button taps for strokes, swim away from the fish until you`re halfway up the waterfall. After the fish goes past you, that`s it. Then the next scene would be speaking to I. Beam, and then going against the robot using the B-Team`s weapon, then Speedy`s."

Maxwell Wolfen

Episode 29 - No Talent Guido

"Cinematic area when Speedy, polly, and Lucille are recording and Big Cheese comes out with his awful Easy Listening music. While using Guido, you fight against the robot building up power then using his special."

Maxwell Wolfen

Episode 34 - Pizza Delivery of Doom

"Pizza Delivery Run away from the monsters dodging stuff. Then, using Spritz, you have to navigate thourgh the sewer system, making sure you don`t wind up in California or something. After the SPC are stuck in the sandtrap, and are rescued by Spritz, they find and fight against the hologram-making machine."

Maxwell Wolfen

Episode 35 - Youth is For Exploding

"Mini-Game: Dodgeball. Attack to catch the ball and throw it. Control pad to aim/Move. Jump to jump and then press Attack to throw it from high. Special to lock-on. Richochets are possible. Don`t get hit.

Maxwell Wolfen

Episodes 36 & 37- Bad Bird Uncaged (Parts 1 and 2)

"A Street-fighting like part, with a handful of special moves and attacks using Speedy or Bad Bird. If you use Bad Bird, you MUST win, if using Speedy, winning or losing is okay. If you win, you`ll perform your catslash, which will backfire. The fight has 90 seconds for a winner, 2 out of 3." - part 1.

Example Controls for part one have also been surgested.

"Using Speedy, you`d have to go through various tests to raise his confidence. This would be done in an event sort of thing, with two things to accomplish: Pick up sticks, and fend of volleyballs while strung up to a tree. Picking up sticks means to find a certain amount of sticks in a certain amount of time, and fending of volleyball would need minor button tapping and directional aiming control for hand placement. After listening to Guru Lou, you`d have to fight against the Cat Spirit on Mount Kuchiyama. The final task in the level would to beat Bad Bird, synchronizing yourself with Polly and Guido, who the CPU makes them do their special moves, you have a limited time to get yours out as well to destroy Bad Bird`s armor." - part 2.

Maxwell Wolfen

Episodes 50 & 51 - The Big Comet Caper (Parts 1 and 2)

"As Speedy Polly or Guido, fight against the Rude Noise, then taking the role of Speedy, find the engine room fending against Ninja Crowes until you find Bad Bird." - part 1.

"A climatic battle against Bad Bird until Speedy is hit by a shiruken against the wall. Then as the wall crashes down, then Bad Bird saves you, you learn about how Bad Bird feels before he "dies". You then take the Supreme Catatonic and fly into outerspace, where you find that Bad Bird is onboard with you. Now you must dodge small asteroids before confronting the meteor. The meteor will continually shoot out asteroids as you change and attempt to fight it off with your spear until you are alloweed to use Speedy`d special move, and destroy the comet." - part 2.

Maxwell Wolfen

Other Levels will be posted as and when I recive surgestions for them. Don't forget we are also looking for some bonus levels...i.e. The Adventures of the Princess Pilot.

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